SAS #010: 4 Hawaiian Concepts for Sustainable Joy

Nothing has changed my life more than the Hawaiian concepts of wellbeing.

Nothing has changed my life more than the Hawaiian concepts of wellbeing.

After a few months of practicing them, I woke up with a zest for life I hadn’t felt in years.

It was like I was 10 years old, waking up during summer vacation and having the whole day ahead of me. I couldn’t wait to jump out of bed and explore the world.

With practice and time these concepts can give you that feeling.

There are many Hawaiian concepts I hold near and dear.

The big 4 that I want to share today are:

  1. Ho’o ponopono

  2. Ho’o manamana

  3. Holo Holo

  4. Kinaole

Ho’o ponopono means to create righteous balance.

It is balance in your relationship to yourself, others and your environment. It could be creating balance in a relationship to someone from your past, with a situation you’re currently in, or to something you’re planning for the future.

The “righteous-ness” is not the self-important grandstanding we associate with the word.

It is the balance you feel when things flow naturally. When things feel “right.”

It’s how things were before you needed to find balance in the first place ;).

The second concept is ho’o manamana!

This means everywhere you look is a representation of the divine. You’re living in paradise when you have the right point of view. This might be easier if you’re on a beach in Hawaii!

Ho’o manamana is an invitation to see everything as a miracle. From the big bang to the present, everything came from the same source, the inspiring moment at the beginning of the universe.

Next is Holo holo, which means a journey without a destination.

Holo holo is about moving through the world without judgement or care. With no destination in mind, you just enjoy the journey. It’s freedom from stress and care. It’s being off-duty.

Kinaole is the last concept for today.

Kinaole is doing things the right way, for the right person, for the right reason, the very first time. It’s living in flow where things fit together and your actions are purposeful. It’s feeling and navigating your way through life, noticing when you’re in the right relation to yourself and others.

When you dig into these concepts life gets easier.

Some of them include more detailed instructions, like Ho’o ponopono which includes a whole group of practices.

Some of them invite you to simply reflect and see the world differently, like ho’o manamana.

If you fold any of these ideas into your mind-view, be playful and not too serious with them. They’re more effective when you have a light touch.

If this post resonated with you, share it with a friend or family member. I’ll be sharing more about these ideas and how to apply them in the future.

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