SAS #012: How to Levitate Your Heavy Emotions

Use Levity to Free Yourself from Negative Emotions

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Serious, heavy emotions need release.

They hold us down and make us feel like crap.

If you learn to “levitate” your heavy emotions, you can be free from them.

Levity and not taking things too seriously, is a super power.

Today we‘ll explore how to build levity and learn to let things go.

“The surest sign of wisdom is cheerfulness.”

Michel de Montaigne - 16th Century French Philosopher

You don’t become wise and cheerful from being too serious.

Stubborn, self-inflicting importance sucks. It makes bad feelings stay around and is kind of like the adult version of a tantrum.

But, if we can remember a few things it will help us release this type of seriousness and “levitate” our negativity so we can feel better.

Here are 2 reminders and 1 practice to build levity:

  1. Remember nothing lasts forever. Everything is in flux, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy, everything is turning. When things feel too heavy remember it will evolve and you can adapt. Nothing is truly stuck in place.

  2. Remember that people (not counting friends and family) care about you way less than you think. Your image and the feeling of needing to protect it is way out proportion. The only reason to protect it is keep other people away. And they care WAY less than you give them credit for. They’re too busy with their own lives, just like you, so loosen your grip on sustaining your image.

  3. Actively practice joking about the things you’re taking too seriously. It is a sign of progress to joke about things we’re protecting ourselves from. To start you can do this alone by yourself. It will help loosen the seriousness grip you have on yourself. Even feeling that sense of playfulness you get from joking around and then thinking about the thing you’re taking too seriously will pair these two feelings together to make the heavy memory lighter.

BONUS: Combine all 3 for a powerful concoction. Everything is changing, my image matters so much less than I think, and that thing I’m taking too seriously can be a little lighter…

Breathe deep and let that thing fly.

If you practice these mindsets you can develop more levity in your life.

All of the spiritual teachers I’ve trained with have this levity.

They like to joke around a lot. It’s a kind of playfulness that carries happiness and connection.

I wish you luck in freeing those heavy emotions and levitating yourself in the process.

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