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SAS #006: Separate Who You Are From What You Do

SAS #006: Separate Who You Are From What You Do

At work, the most amazing moments are when someone’s humanity shines through.

When we separate who we are from what we do, we can see ourselves and others clearly.

Identifying with our jobs gives us a sense of purpose. That is very good.

But, being too attached to your job title, your work, or even your team prevents you from seeing the big picture of who you are.

Your role is important. Your job is meaningful. And, at the same time, there are many parts of “you” that exist outside of work.

Taking perspective on your entire life gives you a sense of freedom to appreciate everything you have going for you. It allows you to look more objectively at your job, from the outside, and consider how you’d like things to go.

Getting stuck in “work mode” makes it harder to take a bird’s eye view of your job. But, if you can zoom out you’ll have a much easier time making course corrections, and thinking about what you truly want.

When we overly identify with our job, it’s like painting our life’s vista with only a few colors.

When you separate who you are from what you do, you’ll experience a burst of color and appreciation for just being alive. For having the opportunity to be here, with the people you’re close to, getting to experience all life has to offer.

AND, you get to do kick ass work! It’s part of the gig, but it’s not the only part. In fact its a sliver of the whole thing.

Ironically, when we don’t put 100% of ourselves into our work we can do a better job thinking about what matters most.

Because we’re not caught up in the swirl of stress that eats up our brain power, we can strategize and think clearly from the outside looking in.

What are you optimizing for?

An incredibly enjoyable life? The most work output possible? It’s up to you.

There’s value and purpose all around us.

Paint with all the colors you have. Life is more enjoyable like that.

Separate your life from your work, and you'll feel free.

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